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Water Leakage is a common phenomenon among buildings in Thailand, and a problem faced by many facility managers. This becomes especially problematic during the rainy season, with heavy thunderstorms almost daily, presenting a higher risk of water leakage through gaps and crevices.

Building materials perform best under certain conditions, and many (like steel reinforcement bars) start to corrode and lose strength when exposed to water, which can lead to risks of structural collapse if left untreated for extended periods of time, which can cause injury or death.

Though water leakage is easy to spot from the inside, locating the leakage area and ascertaining the cause of leakage can be very challenging, especially for areas where access is more restricted and unsafe, like high roofs or facade components.

Here at Centrovision, we provide Facility Surveying Services through CenInspect, one of our three key services. UAVs are used to circle buildings to gather information and data, and artificial intelligence is used to detect the presence of defects. These are then highlighted and compiled for your easy viewing.

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