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Centrovision was established in 1991 with its original objectives to be a leading business and management consultant. In 2010 Centrovision was engaged in large-scale aerial survey of plantation in Indonesia, and that was the start of our UAV development. In the first year of the survey operation, Centrovision was struggle in finding the right solution for the suitable and workable equipment to finish the tasks. Many off-the-shelf commercial UAV products were tested but found to either not to pass the stringent requirements or lack flexibility to cope with different tasks, therefore Centrovision commenced its own research and development to come up with Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), which comprises own design airframe, autopilot control, radio and data link communication, ground station as well as image processing software and hardware. Centrovision UAS can be adapted to meet all tasks in all working environment, thus providing solutions to all remote sensing and aerial survey requirements.

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