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Drones are used to inspect or monitor the condition of building components, especially roofs and complex facades to look out for any defects or damage.

CenInspect, a facade inspection service, provides surveying solutions through the use of UAVs, with a wide range of applications and high degree of flexibility provided by our fleet of specialised drones. With cutting-edge technology developed over a decade of experience, CenInspect is highly efficient and can be completed within a couple of days, providing an accurate and precise analysis of building facade conditions.



CenInspect applications include:

  • Condominiums

  • Office buildings

  • Hotels

  • Department Stores

  • Universities

  • Etc.

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Energy Efficiency

With the majority of buildings, especially high-rise residential/commercial buildings being fully, if not almost fully air-conditioned, a large portion of building energy usage comes from internal HVAC systems. While these systems themselves already consume massive amounts of energy and leave significant footprints, defects in systems, design, and facades may further increase the amount of energy required to power these cooling systems.

For instance, gaps and crevices in facades cause significant energy drainage by allowing heat to enter and ultimately increasing the cooling load of the facility. The choice of envelope material may also lead to significant energy savings through lowering the degree of thermal transmittance through the building envelope.

CenInspect is able to detect and identify these defects in building envelopes, allowing the FM side to address them as soon as possible to improve energy efficiency in the building. Thermal sensors also allow our drones to measure inefficiencies in the building envelope through detecting heat points to ascertain heat transfer values.


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