Applications of aerial survey by UAV are expanding in parallel with development of technology. Having an in-house R&D, Centrovision possesses a competitive edge in integration6and adaptation of technology, know-how and skills to provide solutions to clients’ applications. 
For Centrovision: “Sky is the limit

Agricultural Survey

Plantation Development, Production Forcast / Estimation

Centrovision is able to perform aerial survey with very high precision and resolution. The Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) is only 4 cm/pixel (compared with 50 cm/pixel of commercial satellite image). Therefore, the image can be used to identify the land use, plantation development or use for agricultural planning and budgeting purposes. Centrovision’s ability to generate contour of the survey area can lead to the volume calculation of plants or crops of production estimation.

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Aerial survey by UAV offers unparalleled benefits that never before obtained from other remote sensing methods.