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Graphic Designer

2 - 3Positions




Relevant Subjects/ experience
  • Basic graphic software such as Photoshop, illustrator.

  • Design company logos, letterheads, brochures, presentations, promotional materials, and website elements.

  • Meet with clients or other team members to determine requirements and vision for design elements, which may include multiple strategy meetings.

  • Create multiple different versions of a similar product and send them through approvals.

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest design trends by attending workshops, courses, and reading relevant material.

  • Review finalized materials to be sure there are no errors.

  • Work with internal technology software and hardware.

  • Select fonts, colours, shapes, designs, styles, and layouts for projects.

  • Photography skills

Extra Knowledge (optional)
  • Flying UAV/Drone

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Graphic design or related field OR equivalent level of experience

  • Time management skills to work on multiple projects at once and with various deadlines, especially if working in an agency

  • Attention to detail to ensure that all client or team specifications are met and free of any errors

  • Patience to send creative designs through multiple approval processes and often work with several different people to get a job done

  • Creative mindset to be able to bring a design to life with simple instructions

  • Strong organisational skills to keep up with various client needs or team projects

  • Technical skills to work with popular graphic design programs like the Adobe suite

  • Flexibility to be able to switch between projects or pivot quickly should the requirements of the project change

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