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แบบสำรวจ CenAir


Cost Effective

in comparison with same ground resolution, accuracy and timely results, Centrovision is able to provides the solutions very cost effectively. 

High Resolution Images

resulting from low flight altitude and high definition camera, the ground images are very sharp and clear. 

High accuracy and ortho-corrected Images

each image is tagged with flight information log file. Of which the imagery processing software can use to generate accurate positioning as well as ortho-corrected images. 

Timely Information

Centrovision UAV can cover up to 2,200 Ha or some 14,000 rai per plane in a clear sky day and it will take another few days for image processing to yield accurate picture map. Thus the large-scale survey area can be obtained in a few days. 

Hassle Free and Low Profile Operation

Centrovision UAVs do not need airport and produces zero emission, quiet and almost undetectable, thus resulting no nuisance to nearby residence and keeping the operation hassle free and low profile. 


Centrovision’s ability to tailor the entire system, which includes the airplanes (fixed wing or rotor types) and cameras, to meet individual requirements is one of the key success factors to provide the right solutions to our clients.

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Image Resolution
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Timely Information
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