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Marketing Executive

2 - 3Positions




Marketing Executive Responsibilities:

  • Researching and brainstorming each stage of the project.

  • Delegating assignments to members of the graphics and advertising departments, as needed.

  • Supervising employees' work, providing direction and clarification, as needed.

  • Ensuring adherence to clients' specifications.

  • Coordinating efforts to ensure that campaigns are completed.

  • Adhering to time and financial restrictions.

  • Tracking changes in consumer engagement following the roll-out of each marketing campaign.

  • Compiling reports detailing the effects exerted by each campaign, and sharing these with clients.

Marketing Executive Requirements:

  • Degree in marketing, sales, or similar.

  • Prior experience as a marketing executive.

  • Proficiency in Hootsuite.

  • A thorough understanding of contemporary trends in consumerism.

  • Excellent research and writing skills, particularly as these apply to marketing.

  • Strong leadership, delegation, and capacity development skills.

  • Highly organized and detail-oriented.

  • Respect for people and ideas.

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