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Multi Storey Building

CenIVP for Real Estate

Apart from aerial applications, CenIVP provides solutions to capture interior sections of physical assets like residential and commercial properties.

The service allows for real estate agents or developers to simulate property walk throughs, allowing potential clients and buyers to better understand the property and its features to make better decisions.


CenIVP provides interior 3D walk-through applications to simulate physical property walk throughs, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the digital space.


Buyers/clients are able to get a better and more realistic feel of the property/location

Efficient & Cost-effective

Highly time-efficient, able to be distributed to an unlimited number of viewers without extra effort by agent


Depth and dimensions of various features of the panorama are all accurately captured

Breathing Life into Properties


3D virtual tours are much more detailed than 360 virtual tours, that are mostly only able to capture 2 dimensions. Height, and width. 3D tours, on the other hand, are able to capture depth as well, with the use of special cameras and lenses, or even modifications through software. 3D is hence more widely adopted for applications indoors, where minute features and details are very important, and where depth plays a huge role given the small internal space, as any inaccuracies in depth can result in distortions to perception. 3D capabilities also able to produce more accurate, smoother flowing walkthroughs that allow viewers to fully immerse themselves in the viewing experience.

Centrovision's CenIVP possesses capabilities for both 360 virtual tours and 3D walk throughs, for different applications. 360 tours are mainly used for aerial applications that capture large, wide areas from a high altitude, taking panoramic shots of various ground locations, while 3D walk throughs are used for interior applications, like property walk throughs for real estate applications.


CenIVP's flexible applications allow it to be adopted across various types of properties and meet varying needs, from panoramic shots of the entire building or property to close-up walk throughs of the interiors of properties.


Media solutions are hence more flexible and wide-reaching, which allow potential buyers or clients to have more visual information before a purchase decision is made, allowing them to make better choices. These solutions are also highly efficient and save property agents a lot of time, since the 3D walk throughs are digital assets and can be sent out and viewed by an unlimited number of people, at no extra cost or effort by the agent.

Orthophoto, Picture Map, Topography

Construction Survey
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