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Harvesting Tea Leaf

Reinventing Agriculture.


CenAirSurvey specializes in ground surveying for large-scale projects, making it perfect for agricultural applications.

A huge limiting factor in farming is low efficiency and high resource intensity given the large area needed to be covered. For many undeveloped farms, processes like watering, spraying of fertilizers, and monitoring growth / pest infestations have to be done manually, rendering the process very manpower-intensive.


With drones, these processes can be expedited and made significantly more efficient, by significantly reducing or even omitting the need for physical labour out on the fields. This not only greatly lowers operation costs, but safety conditions are also improved since workers are not put at risk by being out in the fields.

Centrovision is able to provide:

  • Mapping services, where boundaries are mapped and an accurate render of the land plot, along with its condition, is produced to allow clients to visualize their plot of land more clearly and easily

  • Surveying and monitoring services, where our drones are able to be flown regularly to capture images of the plot of land to monitor crop growth processes to manage yield planning. Surveying also allows our drones to monitor crop health and look out for signs of pest infestations, omitting the need for manual inspections, speeding up the process of spotting potential warning signs of any disease, especially important for fast-spreading diseases that could quickly devastate a large batch of crop.

Through CenAirSurvey, surveying of project progress is made much easier through remote UAVs, omitting the need for physical site visits and easing up resources for other applications. This allows the construction process to be streamlined and made more efficient, with data points from various spots around the site to be easily monitored and updated daily for the easy viewing of architects and engineers.

Through CenAirSurvey, surveying of agricultural projects is streamlined and simplified, allowing farm owners to monitor every inch of their land without even stepping onto the field, where managing projects  becomes extremely easy and convenient.


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